First time Tantra massage

“I was lucky to find a very professional therapist of Authentic Tantra, and it was a real beneficial and positive experience for me. Thank you, Martin.“


An extraordinary massage I will always remember

“Even though I have had a couple of tantra massages before, I was a little bit nervous when I met Martin. But with the peaceful environment and Martin's presence and voice I immediately felt completely relax. 

I decided to trust Martin and put myself completely on his hands. The experience was mind-blowing and I left Martin full of positive energy. 

I came back one week later for a second massage. At first I was afraid that the second massage would be less intense, but I was wrong, my emotions were the second time even stronger during the massage.

I am looking forward to my next holidays in Gran Canaria to experience again Martin's massage.“


Good for soul, body and mind

“The Tantra session with Matin was my second experience with Tantra massage. This session was much more intense and from the first moment I felt very safe and secure with Martins heart warmth. The session released big emotions. I could enjoy every moment and surf the wave of pleasure and wellbeing. Martin's strong and loving presence always gave me security. I'm so thankful that I found Martin.“


This man is from heaven!

“Martin is a unique tantric masseur. After a brief chat, we started the massage, slowly, carefully and with almost instant connection. I got lost in his hands, my body trembled and shook from the positive energy that flowed between us. I felt like a different person after just two hours with him. 
It is an important experience you will always remember. 


Open up!

““And let yourself fall in the magical hands and body of Martin. Want sex? Go to Hero's and hope for it. Want the most sensual experience in your life? Just open up, let go and breath with Martin while he is touching every muscle and nerve in your body, and your there. Had a super massage. Only frustrating thing, not able to look into Martins beautiful blue eyes. You have to close them. It's all about you at his place... Thanks Martin and until next time.““


Danke für diese sinnliche Erfahrung

“Lieber Martin, wie du weißt, war es für mich die erste intensive Erfahrung mit Tandra und Massage. Vor dem Termin war ich etwas aufgeregt. Als du mich in Empfang genommen hast, war diese Aufregung wie weggefegt. Du warst während der Sitzung ein sehr sympathischer und liebevoller Mensch. Ich habe mich sehr wohl gefühlt und konnte mich tatsächlich fallen lassen. Vor diesem „Fallenlassen“ hatte ich ein wenig Angst. Diese Angst hast du mir jedoch schnell genommen. Es war eine so wunderbare Erfahrung für mich, dass ich es viel öfters genießen möchte. Auf dem Weg nach Hause habe ich mich so frei und entspannt gefühlt wie seit meinen Kindertagen nicht mehr. Und ich hatte einen riesigen Hunger.
Lieber Martin! Vielen Dank für diese tolle Erfahrung. Ich freue mich auf eine Fortsetzung. 

Liebe Grüße Dirk“

Excellent massage !

“I researched what tantric massage was about before I booked my session with Martin. It was a truly enlightening experience and I honestly feel it helped me in, an emotional, spiritual and physical way. 

I honestly felt like I had been finely tuned after the massage, and felt much more grounded in the days following the massage. I would highly recommend you go to Martin for any type of massage, he is a very friendly and tuned in type of man. And yes! I did go back a second time and I felt like a new man at the end of my holiday.

Thank you Martin.. for your expertise, professionalism, and understanding.“


Magic moment

“My first experience in Tantra with Martin was successful . I recommend Martin to anybody who wants something different, to renew mind and body on the positive way
He is talented, working with passion and energy 
Thank you so much Martin, I will visit you again for sure“