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Professional and certified Bodyworker, Tantra and Massage Therapist.

Martin has worked with people with his creativity since young age, and is sincere curious about the wellbeing, peace, harmony and balance in the spritual and sexual body.
This lead him to deepen his path of healing and relaxation trough touch, massages, to understand and explore the conection between body, heart and mind, remove blokcages, be free in your love, being and spirit.

Let go of the facade and redescover your authentic natural being.
He is specialist and cetified Tantra Energy masseur and Tantra Therapist.
In addition, he is a Reiki Master and he is a trained Tantric De-Armouring therapist,  Swedish/ Relax masseur, Lomi Lomi masseur, Californian/ Esalen Masseur, and has created his own personal style as a therapist and masseur. and work exclusivly with men of any sexual oriontation,  gay, bi or straight, for the ultimate relaxation and healing. 

Tantra and massage studio central in Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria. 
Dedicated to the wellbeing, health, sexual healing and sprituality trough Tantra and massages with a holistic approach.
Human touch. 

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